Wednesday, 19 September 2018

September 19

A wonderful Wednesday!

Our morning began with assembly where the students sang O’ Canada followed attendance, calendar and 100 days of school.

After that the students had mathematics where the students recalled their numbers to 20 and played a game of bingo.
Before lunch the students had their phonics where they they discussed the phoneme and grapheme for the letter ‘Tt’ and students practiced their letter formation.

After lunch the students had P.E with Miss. Cranfield followed by UOI where the students discussed different meat and completed a meat matching activity.

Our day ended with recess followed by story time.

Key information
-          Trip response and payment for Downy’s Farm due tomorrow.
-          Casual day - $20 payment for the year
-          Terry Fox run and pledges on Thursday, September 27.

Have a great evening,

Mrs. Orphanides