Wednesday, 27 September 2017

September 27

A wonderful Wednesday!

Our morning began with assembly where we sang O’ Canada. Then we had register followed by calendar, the weather and 100 days of school.

Next we had mathematics where we used our knowledge of number sequencing to fill in the gaps on a missing number sheet!

 We then had recess followed by phonics where we discussed the phoneme ‘Nn’. Students then practiced their letter formation of letter ‘Nn’.

After that we had UOI where the students used their knowledge of hand washing to sequence a range of pictures.

We then had lunch and recess.

Our afternoon began with P.E with Miss. Cranfield followed by Daily 5. In Daily 5 students were working in partners to write a ‘Lunchbox Food’ list.

We then had afternoon recess followed by French with Mme. Viellenueve.

 Key information:
-          Terry Fox run tomorrow- $5 donation for T-Shirt.

Have a wonderful evening everyone,

Mrs. Orphanides