Thursday, 28 September 2017

September 28

A tremendous Thursday!

Our morning began with assembly where we sang O’ Canada. Then we had register followed by calendar, the weather and 100 days of school.

Next we had mathematics where we counted forwards and backwards with our new teachers!

After that we explored how numbers can be sorted from largest to smallest.

 We then had recess followed by phonics where we continued to explore the phoneme ‘Nn’.
After that we had UOI where the students developed their understanding on the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day. Students even got the chance to practice their brushing technique.

 We then had lunch and recess.

 Our afternoon began with P.E with Miss. Cranfield followed by Daily 5.

We then had afternoon recess followed the Terry Fox run.

Key information:
-          ‘Parent Sharing Contact Info’ letter sent home.

Have a wonderful evening everyone,

Mrs. Orphanides