Friday, 2 March 2018

February 28

A wonderful Wednesday!

Our morning began with assembly where we sang O’ Canada. Then we had register followed by calendar, the weather and 100 days of school.

We also sang “If You’re Wearing…” to celebrate Pink Shirt day.

Next we had mathematics where the students shared their knowledge and understanding of the coins they have learnt so far (penny, nickel, dime).


We then had recess followed by phonics where the students discussed the phoneme ‘OIoi’. Students then practiced their letter formation of letter ‘OIoi’.

After that the students had UOI where they completed their summative task and began practicing their presentations.

Our afternoon began with P.E with Miss. Cranfield followed by Pink Shirt day activities.

We then had afternoon recess followed by French with Mme. Viellenueve.

Key information:
-          Reading books for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have been distributed. Thursday and Friday reading groups will be given new books on their reading day.
Have a wonderful evening everyone,
Mrs. Orphanides