Thursday, 17 May 2018

May 17

A tremendous Thursday!

Our morning began with assembly where we sang O’ Canada. Then we had register followed by calendar, the weather and 100 days of school.

Next we had Spelling Dictation.

We then had recess followed by phonics and Show and Tell. In In Show and Tell the students brought in items to share relating to our phonemes of the week.  

We then had lunch and recess.

 Our afternoon began with P.E with Miss. Cranfield followed by dance.

 We then had afternoon recess followed by French with Mme. Viellenueve.

Key information:
-          Summer Camp due to Lynne Burke as soon as possible.
-          May 18 – No school
-          May 21 – No school
-          May 22 – Rain Boots needed for UOI 4
-          May 22 – Full dress uniform needed
-          May 25 – In-class Spelling Bee (students should practice the words on a daily basis)
-          May 28 – Track and Field
Have a wonderful evening everyone,
Mrs. Orphanides