Friday, 1 June 2018

June 1

A fantastic Friday!

Our morning began with assembly where we sang O’ Canada, learnt about this month’s IB learner profile and attitude ‘Reflective’ and ‘Appreciation’, and played a house game.

Then we had recess the students had Show and Tell where they brought in items to share relating to our phonemes of the week.

After that we had lunch and recess, followed by P.E. with Ms. Cranfield and Spring concert practice.

Our afternoon was spent completing their List 8 dictation and discussed their summative presentation. All students have now selected their animals to research.
After that we had Spelling Dictation.
Key information:
-          ASAP –Summer Camp due to Mrs. Burke
-          June 4 – Spring Costume due
-          June 6 – Spring Concert (Food Bank donation for entry)
-          List 9 dictation sent home
-          Summative information sent home

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

Mrs. Orphanides